4 Pre-IPO Companies with White-Hot Valuations According to SharesPost Activity

Are any of these companies really worth what people are willing to pay?

Once upon a time, a moistened finger was raised into the air … and the result was private company valuation. Much has changed since then, of course, and the advent of private company trading environments –such as SecondMarket and SharesPost – makes it feel easier to pin a real number on companies that have yet to complete the IPO process.

According to Kara Swisher at AllThingsD, research from neXtup (a free service when you register with SharesPost) reveals four private company valuations that are sure to get your attention. Only one of them, Facebook, has seen consistent action on SharesPost this year, but the numbers are nonetheless fun to peek at.

1. LivingSocial: this online deals company, which competes with Groupon, is said to be worth between $3.6 bn and $4.1 bn.

2. Facebook: neXtup puts the hottest social media company on the market at a valuation of $52.7 bn, though trading on SharesPost has led to implied valuations of above $80 bn. Facebook hit  a new high on SharesPost late last month.

3. Yelp: this local business directory and review website has an implied valuation of $561 mn.

4. RockYou: a social gaming company with close to 20 mn monthly active users, RockYou has a valuation of around $264.7 mn.