FOUND: Soduku-playing WH Correspondent

Maybe Karen Feld was on to something…

Not only does the Washington Times’ Joe Curl play Sudoku, he’s also got some choice words for those WH correspondents who said a collective “Wha?” at the mere mention of the game:

    Man, you should have checked me on soduku. Those elitist White House correspondents have no idea what mainstream America enjoys (most are no doubt spending their evenings plowing through “When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt After the White House,” as they sit by their fireplaces in their smoking jackets, pipe in mouth, a snifter of sublime brandy atop the dark oak coffee table).

    I haven’t achieved “samurai” level by any means, but I’m trying. More importantly, I at least KNOW what soduku is!


Oh, and the Associated Press’ Nedra Pickler also has played–starting today:

    Funny you should write me about this because I happened to play Soduku for the first time this morning. But it was the old fashioned way, with pen and pencil. And I’m off, so it wasn’t on the job. I didn’t even know it’s available in an electronic version. That could be dangerous.

So, the White House Correspondent Sudoku Tally thus far is:

Play it: 1
Played it (once): 1
Never played it or never even heard of it: 13.

Unaccounted for WH correspondents: Weigh in here.