Forum Nokia Launches the MyDailyApp Blog

Looking for more information about apps for your Nokia smartphone? If so, check out the new blog launched by Forum Nokia…

The app reviews are personal (written in first person style) with video samples and lots of large screenshots (maybe a bit too big? :-).

From what I have seen/read so far, this blog is a keeper in my RSS feed list.

FYI: Here’s something else I learned from visiting the MyDailyApp blog… Forum Nokia has a podcast series.

Forum Nokia Podcasts

There are already 10 podcasts in this series. They seem to range from around 5 minutes (what I call a Mini-podcast) to 25 minutes.

And, don’t forget my podcasts that can be found embedded here in this blog. You can also find it in iTunes by search for the keywords “MobileViews Podcast”.