Fortune Finagles Handler-Huffington Chat

In case you missed it, Fortune magazine had the inspired idea of recruiting Chelsea Handler to interview Arianna Huffington at its recent “Most Powerful Women” summit. The event took place in Laguna Niguel and, essentially, brought together two of Oprah’s most impactful media successor gals.

The full transcript is well worth the read, especially if you’re a Handler fan; this woman is just flat out hilarious. But here, for your immediate gratification, are a few FishbowlLA favorites:

– Off the top, Handler suggested that the October 3-5 event provided her with a first and only forum within which she was not embarrassed about having a personal @AOL email address.

– Huffington revealed that her NYC media company’s two “nap rooms” are nicknamed “Napquest 1” and “Napquest 2,” and that recently, she spied what looked very much like the aftermath of a menage a trois exiting one of the forty-winks pods. To which, if that was the case, she had no workplace objections.

– Handler and Huffington apparently share the same LA “facialist,” Mila Moorse. Noted Arianna: “Mila said Chelsea and I are the two women who don’t stop working while we’re having a facial.”

One commenter at the bottom of the transcript suggests that she would have preferred Huffington interviewing Handler. But we disagree; the New-Jersey-H to the Greek-H was definitely the right way to go.