Forrester Revises Tablet Forecast, Expects More Tablets To Sell

Forrester Research has revised its US consumer tablet forecast, updating its previous forecast from June 2010. What’s new? Forrester expects tablets to sell more than they had previously expected.

Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps explains the change in a blog post: “We’ve had briefings from many companies that will release new tablets at CES. All of these inputs have led us to revise our US consumer tablet forecast for 2010 upward to 10.3 million units, and we expect sales to more than double in 2011 to 24.1 million units. Of those sales, the lion’s share will be iPads, and despite many would-be competitors that will be released at CES, we see Apple commanding the vast majority of the tablet market through 2012.”

According to Rotman, Forrester thinks that people will be more likely to replace their tablets. The research company expects people to upgrade their tablets like they do MP3 players and phones and less like PCs, which are upgraded less often.