Former Sportswriter is a Newshole Examiner

20080220_051015_Oberjuerge.jpgPaul Oberjuerge, former sportswriter for the San Bernardino Sun posted a piece about the LA Times layoffs on his site.

He writes:

Even though the Times was the main competition for most of my journalism career, and it’s a test to avoid the instinctive “what’s bad for them is good for me!” mind-set of days gone by.

SB Sun is competing with the LAT?! Really? We think in order for you to have a ‘competition’ the other paper has to have heard of you. Otherwise the Daily Trojan would be considered a LAT competitor. As would Fairfax High’s Colonial Gazette…And, uhm, FBLA.

His basic premise is that the LAT was over staffed anyway and they can do fine with less.

The newspaper I still subscribe to has gotten smaller and smaller. And with the newshole LAT currently has – you certainly don’t need 875 (or whatever) employees to put out that paper. Even taking into account the people who work on the Internet side.

We just think this is funny coming from a professional ‘Monday morning quarterback’.

He ends with:

Anyway…700 people? That is enough. The Light Brigade charged with 600. The Spartans defended Thermopylae with 300. Well, OK, those all were bloody disasters…But the point is, you can get a lot done with 700 newspaper people. A lot.

Yeah, and it only took one person to write Anne Frank’s diary and that’s another horrible example of something that doesn’t quite fit.