Former Playgirl Writer: Editorial Staff’s ‘Hands Were Always Tied’

o_Playgirl_Richard_Gere_w_Girl.jpgWe’re surprised by the amount of virtual ink spilled discussing the demise of Playgirl. A lot of people have strong opinions about a magazine that no one, you know, read but whatever, we’ll play along.

In one of the more interesting takes we’ve encountered, Jamye Waxman — who up until yesterday was the mag’s Sex.ed columnist — penned a long treatise on her blog calling out Playgirl‘s executives:

I’ve been behind the doors at the Playgirl offices, and I know what went on, and I know how hard it’s been to get the vision right, especially when the visionaries are not always allowed to see for themselves. The staff at Playgirl does get it, but what they were allowed to do with that knowledge never completed translated… both because their hands were always tied and because, well, the people who approve what you get don’t always understand where you’re coming from. Especially when they’re not the people who read a magazine like Playgirl.

Good stuff. Now we really hope this is our last Playgirl post, if only because we’ve seen enough ripped abs for one week.