Former Fishbowler Rebecca Fox Returns To The Menu


This morning was a homecoming of sorts on the Morning Media Menu podcast.

Rebecca Fox, former editorial director and host of the Menu, and current director of editorial development and operations at The Daily Beast, joined hosts Jason Boog of GalleyCat and AgencySpy‘s Matt Van Hoven on this rainy September 11.

Rebecca was very excited about Twitter’s announcement that it will now allow for advertising. “Advertising has got to be enabled and allowed to happen,” she said. “It is the way the media businesses we love will remain solvent. And Twitter has quite admirably focused over the last several years on its technology and its users…I think of it almost as the American Apparel of tech companies — although not as skanky at the top — because basically they are very vigilant about maintaining their voice and all of the fairness principles.”

“I see Twitter as being an organization that is going to continue to be very directed and focused and I just don’t think they’re going to let any old advertiser with any old campaign get in there. Or at the very least, I think they’re going to introduce it into the site in the least obtrusive way possible,” she added.

Rebecca also talked more about her new job at Tina Brown’s online publication. “I am there to help all things editorial,” she explained. “And thinking also a lot about strategic and developmental things and areas of opportunity for us, based on what the Daily Beast is successful with, how can we develop that further? How can we fill that out?”

Also discussed: the Daily Beast’s new 24-year-old book editor and paying tribute to September 11.

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