Forget Flowers; Give Mom the Control She Craves with a Legally Binding ‘Momtract’

Think your mom wants a dozen roses, a box of chocolates or a hand-made card? Think again! What Mom really wants — perhaps all she’s ever wanted — is express dominion over your decisions and life trajectory — in other words: POWER.

Not sure how to wrap a ribbon and bow around control? Don’t worry; ad agency Mother New York has you covered! In its latest spot released in celebration of Mother’s Day, the holiday during which Mother New York is generally expected to be on its game, the agency introduces the “Momtract“, a (fictional) legally binding contract that allows you to bestow complete and unquestionable power over a single aspect of your life (whichever aspect you choose) upon the adoring woman who raised you.

Since you’re all grown up and she can no longer ground you or send you to your room, restore her sense of authority by giving her the power to sue the pants off you in the event that you fail to heed her loving advice. “It’s time you legally enforced your love for your mom,” says the promo. The agency’s website even walks you through the process of creating and sending the gag gift directly to Mom.

Watch the video here. Enjoy, and Happy Mother’s Day!