Foreign Language Games Filling Slots on This Week’s List of Fastest Growing Facebook Games by DAU

It should be no surprise that Gardens of Time is the fastest growing game this week in terms of daily active users. This Playdom game has been growing quickly but appears to be starting to level off. According to AppData, our platform for monitoring the growth metrics of the top games on Facebook, Gardens of Time has actually lost DAU for the past few days. There is definitely a higher ceiling than 900,000 DAU for hidden object games, so we might still see more growth for the game.

There are six games in the leaderboard this week that are not in the English language. This includes 開心水族箱 (My Fishbowl), แฮปปี้เกาะ (Happy Aquarium, but not the Crowdstar title), แฮปปี้คนเลี้ยงหม (Love & Pork), 開心農場 (Happy Farm), Perro Saltarín (Jumping Dog), and Revienta el teclado (Keyboard Bursts). Many of these are basic sim games that are much shallower in terms of features compared to English language games in the same genre. However, it is going to show that Facebook games are not just a North American phenomenon, that they truly have potential to spread just as far as Facebook itself has grown.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Gardens of Time906,621+310,153+52%
2. Zombie Lane687,903+171,014+33%
3. 開心水族箱1,430,281+170,208+14%
4. Bubble Saga468,383+163,813+54%
5. แฮปปี้เกาะ186,747+143,802+335%
6. Give Hearts536,835+107,541+25%
7. แฮปปี้คนเลี้ยงหม862,545+75,635+10%
8. Diner Dash257,045+67,343+35%
9. 開心農場1,218,460+64,046+6%
10. Crime City822,642+63,741+8%
11. UNO Boost™111,274+57,111+105%
12. Super Billares68,969+50,494+273%
13. Bubble Island1,253,420+49,795+4%
14. Perro Saltarín76,199+49,144+182%
15. Diamond Dash915,783+48,807+6%
16. Revienta el teclado59,718+47,375+384%
17. Is Cool446,086+44,321+11%
18. Draw My Thing102,799+41,814+69%
19. Mystery Manor191,680+41,413+28%
20. Puzzle Saga96,152+40,455+73%

Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging Facebook games on Friday, and the top games by MAU next Monday.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.