Forecast: Dark Sky’s New Weather App

Sick of your weather app? There is a new web-based weather app called Forecast that is worth taking a look at. The app, which works on your desktop and mobile browser, lets you click and tap a globe that will show you weather predictions for your area and all over the globe.

You can explore weather predictions in the next hour, the next day and the next week, locally, regionally and globally, as well as look at the weather on any given day in the past at any specific location, using the time machine feature.

The app comes from the Dark Sky Company, the company that developed the iOS app Dark Sky, which predicts the weather in real time based on your exact location. Forecast’s data API grew out of the Dark Sky API. 

Here is more from the Forecast blog:

The Dark Sky API was designed to be very specialized for hyperlocal forecasting, and therefore was very tightly coupled to its data sources. As we tried to expand its scope, we found that cramming other data sources into it was rather like fitting a square peg into a round hole; in the end, we decided to rebuild the API from scratch.

(Via TechCrunch).