Ford to Run New Campaign on GSTV

A new campaign for Ford’s 2010 Fusion Hybrid launched Monday (March 16) on a network where consumers are likely to be thinking about fuel economy–at the gas pump. Running through May 3 across GSTV’s network of 5,600 screens in 19 top markets, Ford’s campaign uses a combination of 30-second and 10-second ads, called “echo ads.”

Ford is the first advertiser to use GSTV’s new echo ads, since they were tested last June. Results of the test, conducted by Nielsen, showed that shorter-length spots were equally as effective as the 30-second spots, and, in many cases, had higher recall to deliver a better return on investment.

Used in combination with 30-second spots, echo spots also help an advertiser increase message frequency and brand retention. Ford’s 10-second “echo ad” follows a 30-second Ford ad, a 30-second weather segment and a 30 segment CBS entertainment segment.

“This industry first application allows us to cement our leadership message on fuel economy for the 2010 Fusion and drive consumers to the next level, from active viewers of our message to active leads for our dealerships,” said Dave Sanabria, Ford Tier 1 communications manager.

Simple in concept, the 10-second Ford Fusion ads, developed by JWT in Detroit, are more like animated billboards, showing the car moving to the front of the screen and ending with the message: “Drive One,” along with the Ford Web site. The 30-second ad, which includes sound, expands on the “We speak car” theme.