Forbes Lays Off, EW Shuffles but Prints, Condes Breathe!

revolving-door-283-thugggmb.jpgNew year, new turbulent media news to report! (Unless you work for Conde is which case the surprise may be that there is no surprise.)

AllThingsD reported yesterday that the long-rumored second round of layoffs has taken place over at Forbes. 19 people in total were let go from both the Web and the magazine as the company proceeds with its plan to combine the two operations. Among those let go was media reporter James Abels. Read the full memo here.

Meanwhile after spending the holidays holding their collective breath the NYO says Conde Nasters are discovering “January Surprise” layoffs may not actually come to pass: “This building buzzes when it’s real…There’s no buzz right now.”

And to be filed in the good-ish news department, after plummeting profits and months of reports that it was going Web-only, it looks like Entertainment Weekly will continue to print, at least for the time being. However the NYP reports that the magazine has shuffled it’s staff moving current managing editor, Rick Tetzeli, “upstairs” and switching in People executive editor Jess Cagle into his place at EW.