Forbes Layoffs Decimate Staff

The bloodshed has begun in earnest at Forbes on this cold, rainy day: 100 employees were let go from the billionaire listing magazine, including Lauren Sherman, the girlfriend of Silicon Alley Insider writer Dan Frommer:


Some of our friends and former colleagues were let go as well. We knew they were coming, but we didn’t realize how deep the staff cuts would be. Although we’re hearing that close to 100 people have lost their jobs company wide, David Carr reported that between 40 and 60 editorial staff members would get the axe. Those sort of cuts are huge in a staff of only 200. Who is left?

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UPDATE: We reached out to Forbes‘ senior VP of Corporate Communications Monie Begley to see if she would confirm any of the rumors about the number of people laid off there. “Forbes will not be confirming the number of layoffs that have occurred this week,” Begley said in a statement. “It is a very sad day at the company and a sad day for our colleagues and friends.”

Another Update: Our sister blog MediaJobsDaily did some digging and found some names of those let go by Forbes today. In addition to Sherman, London bureau chief Anita Raghavan, associate editor Chana Schoenberger, deputy chief of reporters Andy Stone, assistant editor Klaus Kneale and reporter Anna Vander Broek are also said to have gotten pink slips. We’ve also heard sad news about reporter Lauren Streib, who has worked on link-bait Forbes lists like the recent Top-Earning Dead Celebs List.

More names: We’ve been hearing more names of people cut from Forbes: ForbesLife editor-in-chief Gary Walther; longtime Billionaires List contributor Tatiana Serafin; Richard Morais; Zack O’Malley Greenburg; Jack Gage; John Chamberlain and Bill Heuslien. Keith Kelly is also reporting that Los Angeles bureau chief Scott Woolley, senior editor Bernard Condon and Jonathan Latimer, head of business development, were given the axe.

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–Additional reporting by Drew Grant