Forbes Blasts Slate Critique of Harman Newsweek Purchase

Two bisons on their way to locking horns.

Here’s the thing about online journalism. When you rip someone apart, the person can easily strike back, with more rancor, more nastiness. It’s ‘What Comes Around Goes Around,’ but a more vicious version.

Forbes’s Jay Whitehead says Slate‘s media writer Jack Shafer is “a hypocrite of the highest journalistic water and knows virtually nothing about the mind of a media entrepreneur.” This is in response to Shafer’s giving new Newsweek owner Sidney Harman unsolicited advice, namely that he’s a “restless fat cat” who has no business purchasing Newsweek.

Whitehead doesn’t bother to link to Shafer’s piece – he could do him that favor while shredding him. We will here.

An excerpt

Come on journalists-especially you Jack Shafer. Is the journalism profession only about dancing on graves? If it is, then your only choice would be to write your own obituary now and end it all. It may be true, but it’s not news, that everyone dies and all things eventually come to an end. Why you want Sidney Harman to fail is bitterness at the fact that your business cannot support what you fantasize about doing-spending eight years unaccountably working on a Moby Dick-length piece predicting the demise of everything, at a seaside villa with pool waitresses and an open bar.

Read the full Forbes piece here.