Forbes Acquires True/Slant

TrueSlant052110.bmp It looks like all the rumors were true. Forbes Media has acquired digital news site True/Slant. Forbes was already an investor in the site.

Founder Lewis Dvorkin writes on his blog:

The small True/Slant team, with more than 100 years of Web, publishing and TV experience, will now be working side-by-side with talented and dedicated journalists at Forbes Media. The goal: to work together to further develop a mindset around the power of the Web and traditional news values. With hard work, we can implement new blogging platforms and more efficient digital, print and video content creation models; we can find better ways for audiences to engage with news and information; and we can pursue new integrative approaches for marketers and advertisers.

What will happen to True/Slant’s current lineup of contributors remains unclear, but it looks like many will not be making the transition. the site’s most visited blog is by journalist Matt Taibbi, who currently writes for Rolling Stone, which is in many respects a competitor to Forbes.

Dvorkin writes to contributors looking to make the jump to Forbes: “We look forward to discussing the possibilities with you.”