For Sale: One Newspaper, Snakes Included


The Washington Times is for sale now that the Unification Church has cut off most of the $35 million annual subsidy that was the only thing preventing the paper from going under, the Washington Post reports.

One interested party is former Times executive editor John Solomon, who left during/after the shake-up last November.

It seems like a big-hearted move; the paper is not, by many counts, doing very well: “The finances are so tight that the newspaper hasn’t paid some of its bills or tended to basic maintenance issues — such as hiring an exterminator to deal with mice and snakes sneaking into the building on New York Avenue in Northeast,” the Post reports. And the paper’s circulation is an unknown: it stopped reporting to the Audit Bureau of Circulation in 2008.

And let’s not forget. Snakes.

photo: hannes.steyn