For Immediate Release Fridays


We found some oh-so-good bad news released tonight, for our first For Immediate Release Fridays since our migration to “Mama Bistro.” For the third week in a row, no toy recalls:

China Premium Lifestyle Enterprise Inc. announces a reverse 1-to-5 stock split. The company imports Ferraris and Maseratis in to Hong Kong and China. No market for 8 mpg cars even with slews of new millionaires minted every minute?

How did Malcolm Kysor escape from prison in Albion, PA? Department of Corrections completes investigation and will tell the media how once they patch the hole

Nancy Pelosi statement reminds us of the House’s zero tolerance policy on page misconduct, and explains that the pages involved in each incident were dismissed. The statement fails to list the infractions. Want to know what they were? Cue up Aerosmith’s “Love in an elevator” and read this.

The Havoc Energy Drink retracts release about a co-branding agreement. Is is because their partner, Chesapeake Energy produces so much gas?

And now for some good news: the Video Professor supports the troops with this free offer. Your average soldier stationed in Iraq already knows most of the 50 skills offered by the Professor, including digital photography. Wow is that ironic.