Following Cuts, UK’s Design Council and Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment Attempt to Merge

This fall, you might recall that the UK suffered some serious blows in their design and architecture industries with nationwide cuts that removed a large portion of funding for the industrial design-focused Design Council, forcing them to become a non-profit instead of a government entity, and it looked like certain death for one of the country’s primary architecture, urban design and public space advisory bodies, the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (you might also recall Prince CharlesFoundation for the Built Environment offering to step in, which struck some critics the wrong way). However, with those gloomy days behind us, an interesting turn of events recently, as the Design Council and the CABE have decided to try merging, becoming one larger operation that a source told Building would be a “one-stop shop for design, with expertise on buildings, products, places and services under one roof.” While not yet set in stone, as the merger will need to go through government channels (the Design Council was still set to receive some funding from the UK’s coffers), it appears as though it has a good chance of making it through.

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