Follow JFK’s 1000 Days in Office 50 Years Later, on Twitter

2011 marks the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s inauguration as the 35th President of the United States – and you can follow his thousand days in office on Twitter.

The JFK Presidential Library and Museum has created one of the most creative and educational Twitter accounts we’ve seen: a real-time glimpse into JFK’s time in office, from his inauguration to the end.

The @Kennedy1961 account is updated hourly with quotes, descriptions, links to historical documents and commentary about JFK’s presidency.

This account began actively tweeting on January 20th, the date of Kennedy’s inauguration. In just the past 24 hours of tweets, you can gain access to the drafts of his inaugural address, find out exactly when he signed his first Executive Order, and read the inspirational words of this great leader by following the account.

We love seeing innovative uses of Twitter like @Kennedy1961. This account gives insight into the historic years of one of the most beloved and remembered Presidents in US history. And by doing it via Twitter, it is bringing history to a new generation, making it relevant to those who weren’t there 50 years ago, and reminding us all of the great people and events that brought us to where we are today.