FNS’s Wallace Features Wife as ‘Power Player of the Week’

Really? “Power Player of the Week” because she makes her husband soup?

Washington has reached a mawkish new low. On Sunday Fox News Sunday Host Chris Wallace mustered all his “power” and landed his wife, Lorraine, a spot so powerful it’s palpable. He named her”Power Player of the Week” for writing a book, Mr. Sunday’s Soup, about how she makes him soup on Sunday. A one-hour show sure can make a man hungry.

We understand — that nasty round table with Brit, Juan, Bill and Mara can really wear a person out. Brit and Juan go at each other with a fury. Brit’s disgusted looks across the table could make a person fantasize about homemade soup, the warm kind with spices and fresh, colorful vegetables. The tension and safeguarding against panel members interrupting each other – it’s  rough on Wallace, the hall monitor of Sunday morning political TV. The show must leave him exhausted and yearning for…

But it’s so much more than just soup. It’s the glue (so to speak) that keeps the family cooking.

The segment was a relic to the 1950s. They filmed the “Power Player” in the Wallace family home’s beautiful kitchen with an apron-clad Lorraine stirring the old fashioned tomato soup that she concocts for Wallace. Like Julia Child, Lorraine’s muse for those soups is Wallace. To be sure, Child ran the show, but never cooked until she married her hubby, Paul.

Wallace is no fool. If that Fox News Sunday gig fails, the couple always has Lorraine’s soup to keep them afloat.