FNC’s Bill O. Ignores PR Dept., Reaches Out to Politico

Cover your eyes. This is just getting embarrassing.

For the second time in one day, Fox News talent has either praised Politico or saw fit to break news on the site. This comes in spite of the fact that Sox News PR gurus declared Politico reporters unfit for their airwaves in a story in The Daily Caller this morning.

Defying apparent orders from FNC PR, Bill O’Reilly broke news in Politico this afternoon by reaching out to the publication to defend his book, Killing Lincoln. His purpose was to attack Ford’s Theatre bookstore for not selling his book because of alleged historical inaccuracies. He told reporter Mackenzie Weinger that this is “a concerted effort by people who don’t like me to diminish the book.”

O’Reilly gave the reporter a full preview of what he will say on “The O’Reilly Factor” tonight. Adding further insult to FNC PR injury, Politico even obtained a script of tonight’s program. It reads in part: “By the way, there are now more than one million copies of ‘Killing Lincoln’ in print, and the book continues to sell briskly. We well understand our enemies are full of rage at our success. We also know the media lies at will these days with little accountability. ‘Killing Lincoln’ is an honest book that you will enjoy and that every American student should read. And all the gutter sniping in the world will not change that.”

Congratulations Fox News PR. Only the crappiest of Washington reporters get such gifts.

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