Flying in Style?


On’s “White House Photo Blog,” the above picture is accompanied by this caption:

    Aboard Air Force One, the press, as well as members of the Secret Service and the presidential staff, find a place-setting waiting for them when they reach their seats. In addition to the menu (today’s offerings included an “all-American” cheeseburger and red-skinned potato salad), some stationery is included as well as a list of in-flight entertainment options.

So is this really how the press gets to travel? Looks pretty posh to us.

Well, not exactly. A seasoned reporter (and Air Force One traveler) tells us that the above setting can be found on a table in the back of the press cabin (where you’ll also find a nice basket of candy). Inside that leather portfolio is one menu card that reporters can all look at. If you want to eat, you have to open up your tray table, which indicates to the Air Force men and women to serve you.

Just a little food for thought…