Flurry Analytics: Females Beat Males on Money, Time and Loyalty in Mobile Games

Female Gamers Chart

Mobile advertising and analytics platform Flurry has released the results of its latest survey, which measured consumer loyalty, as well as time and money spent playing games on mobile devices, with a specific look at male vs. female trends. Based on a selection of games that have reached at least 1.1 million devices on the Flurry platform, the company found women to dominate men in all three categories. Women were shown to spend more money on in-app purchases, spend more time in gaming apps and be easier to retain in the long run.

They survey showed women make 31 percent more in-app purchases than men, and spend 35 percent more time in their gaming apps than males. In addition, women have a 42 percent higher retention rate after the first seven days than males.

When analyzing its findings, Flurry speculated that only specific genres of games, like simulation or management titles, were so heavily skewed towards women. So, the company split games into 19 categories, from puzzle games and endless runners to shooters and action-RPGs, and measured the total time spent per user, per week, for those genres (measuring only games on the Flurry platform).

Male vs Female Genres

Nine of the 19 categories skewed towards a female audience, while six skewed towards males. The remaining four are considered gender neutral. The top two categories, in terms of total time spent, were solitaire and management/simulation games, and they both skewed towards female players. The highest male genre was for card/battle games.

Using the massive success of Glu Mobile’s recently released Kim Kardashian: Hollywood as an example, Flurry notes the “mobile gaming audience is not what it used to be.” The audience has been “long believed to be dominated by males in general and teens and college students in particular,” says Flurry’s Simon Khalaf, but this new study shows that isn’t the case anymore.

This “broadening” of the mobile gaming player base offers great news for advertisers, says Flurry, who can capitalize on new opportunities to target the large groups of both male and female mobile game players that exist in the market.

Flurry’s full results are available on the company’s blog.