FLO TV Delivers College Hoops Action

MediaFLO USA is crowing that its mobile TV service will stream more than 300 live college basketball games this season, including NCAA men’s tournament games.

VCAST TV.JPGThe FLO TV college hoops coverage began in November and will run through the post-season with the Big East Title Game (on 3/15), the ACC Title Game (3/16) and the Big 12 Title Game (3/16) among others.

These three games will be available on the ESPN Mobile channel, with other coverage on CBS Mobile and Fox Mobile. Coverage also includes more than 25 women’s college games, including the Conference and Division 1 and 2 Championship games.

Unfortunately for college sports fans, FLO TV isn’t widely available. It’s currently only offered by Verizon Wireless under the V CAST Mobile TV brand in about 50 major US metro areas. AT&T is supposed to be launching its own branded FLO TV service, but we’re still waiting for that to happen.