Flickr2Facebook: Add Flickr Photos With Ease

If you’re like me and you’ve already put hundreds of photos on Flickr then you’re probably looking at the Facebook photo album and despairing. Sure, the Facebook album can do some great stuff (like appearing in other people’s mini feeds when you tag it with their name) but it’s just so inconvenient to move it all over to Facebook.

Flickr2Facebook Well, now it’s a little easier to get around. I’ve found two great little apps to cheer you up. Nick already told you about the first one, the My Flicker App. Get it. You will love it.

The second is a nifty little javascript booklet to take Flickr photos and put them straight into your facebook album. It’s called Flickr2Facebook and is simple to set up and easy to use. So, at least you can easily transfer the best of your photos for easy access on Facebook. Now you can play with all the fun facebook album toys like Slideshow!