Flickr Teams with Getty Images to Launch ‘Flickr Collection’


Ces White‘s shot of a glum-looking stuffed bear on a deserted playground and the other three photographs above are among the 463 images tagged “absence” in the Flickr Collection, a just-launched collaboration between Yahoo!-owned Flickr and Getty Images. The new creative imagery collection makes select Flickr images available for commercial licensing through Getty’s website and “reflects the unique perspective Flickr offers as the ‘eyes of the world,'” said Kakul Srivastava, Flickr’s general manager, in a press release. “Providing our members with a way to bring their imagery to Getty Images’ worldwide customer base through this partnership has been an important step for us, and we look forward to seeing the collection evolve over time.”

Selected by Getty Images editors, the 6,267 images currently in the Flickr Collection are a mixed bag, featuring everything from quotidian scenes (fall foliage, botanical close-ups, canine hijinks) to Zachary Rathore‘s shot of a man wearing underwear stuffed with cooked spaghetti. Images from the Flickr Collection are available in royalty-free and rights-managed licensing models, and thousands of new images will be added each month. Want to get your photos in the Flickr Collection? Polish up your Flickr account and then check your e-mail. Getty says it will continue building the collection by inviting select Flickr members to participate.