Flickr and Tumblr Top Camera Lists Compared

If you have any interest at all in the Flickr photo sharing site, you’ve probably checked out its community camera usage trends page found at…

Most popular cameras in the Flickr community

The most interesting development for mobile tech fans took place this year when the iPhone 3G overtook the Canon EOS Digital Rebel as well as a group of other “serious” DSLR cameras to become the overall most popular camera used to submit photos to Flickr.

Tumblr, the popular microblogging site (in between a tweet and a long-form blog) just released their own…

Tumblr camera stats

…information. Its data reveals similarities to Flickr in the kind of cameras most used in posts. Positions 2 through 12 in their list are DSLR “serious” cameras. However, the #1 spot is held by the Apple Photo Booth installed on every Mac. Every Mac with a screen (everything but the Mac mini and Mac Pro) also have built-in web cameras as well as Photo Booth making it simple to take a share photos while sitting in front of your computer.

Mobile devices make their appearance way down in positions 13 and 14 held by the iPhone 3GS and 3G, respectively. The original iPhone is the next mobile device a bit further down the list. The big surprise for me was the the BlackBerry 8900 is the next mobile device in the list with the T-Mobile G1 (Android), BlackBerry 8330 and 9630 phones at the bottom of the list. There’s no sign of the usually very popular Nokia N95

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