Fleishman’s Kansas City Office Decimated

Fleishman Hillard’s Kansas City office–one of its oldest–suffered somewhere north of a dozen layoffs this week, despite “losing no existing clients” according to the office founder and General Manager Betsy Solberg’s quote in the St. Louis Business Journal. It was reported last week that the Omnicom division would have to begin cutting staff at the single digit level.

Our source close to the situation explained that FH is doing what they can to keep people on staff, such as cutting days rather than benefits, and cutting top level people in Kansas City, as well as Los Angeles. Whereas we also heard a lot of support staff got cut in the New York office.

Two voicemails were not returned, and of the 42 public email addresses available for the Kansas City office, fifteen bounced back, and four generated out-of-office responses.

This particular story is hardly unusual, though this round of layoffs generated a good amount of tips in our inbox. One thing is sure though, if firms aren’t losing clients, they’re facing a roster looking to cut or freeze spending, and see what happens.