FlashMafia Launches Crowdsourced Platform for Sharing Celebrity Photos

The app allows users to share photos they’ve taken of celebrities and earn money from their submissions.

Actor Zachery Ty Bryan has partnered with the creators of Trailer Addict to launch FlashMafia, a crowdsourced celebrity content platform allowing users to share photos they’ve taken of celebrities and earn money from their submissions.

With FlashMafia, users can search for photos of specific stars, or browse featured or recent posts. Users can post up or down votes on pictures, and save images to their in-app favorites. Content can also be shared to social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as examples.

When users upload their own photos, they can tag each picture with a location to help others keep track of stars. Push notifications also alert users when new photos of their favorite celebrities are uploaded.

FlashMafia Screenshots

SocialTimes asked Bryan about the feedback he’s received from other celebrities about the app, and whether they feel it encourages an invasion of their privacy:

I have spoken with colleagues in my business and what bothers them is the fact that paparazzi follow them throughout the day—often in packs—not giving them any privacy. They realize that fans are what make them who they are, and are usually willing to take photos with them.

Moreover, there is a huge upside to a fan snapping a quick, non-intrusive photo with his or her phone—which is happening already—as opposed to being bombarded by the paparazzi. FlashMafia incentivizes a better way for fans and celebs alike.

The overall consensus is why not let those fan pics be fan shared and as the FlashMafia platform grows, we will ultimately see paparazzi photos worth less and less by changing the dynamic of how celeb photos are shared. With FlashMafia in place, we should see a shift to more consideration for the celeb.

Bryan told SocialTimes FlashMafia’s revenue-sharing model allows users to earn money from their approved celebrity photos through licensing and photo impressions on the platform.

FlashMafia is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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