Five Highly Annoying Habits of Co-Workers

Part of the fun of the info we’re about to share with you relates to office dynamics. That is, what highly annoying habits of your colleagues completely irk you?

We’re about to find out.

Here’s the kicker: You may read the variety of annoyances thinking about someone specifically while simultaneously disregarding yourself. Although it’s easy to nod in agreement and chuckle at some of the following bullets, let’s just say we’re doing a public service announcement in case you fall into any of the categories.

But that’s okay because really we know you don’t do any of the following office faux pas. Ever. 

1. Making a lot of noise. Inspired by a piece on Monster, the article points out excessive noise can not only be distracting when you work, it could downright drive you nuts. The obvious is when people put a call on speakerphone in a cubicle environment but talking loudly on the phone, cracking gum, chomping into crunchy potato chips are just some examples.

2. Causing a ruckus on conference calls. Have you ever been on a call and heard a barking dog on the other end? Or maybe a constant crumpling of papers? Whatever the noise is, it’s just that: Noise. The solution? Get a high-quality headset so you may go hands-free.

3. Scents. Smells. Ugh, the dreaded stench. Some people may load on the cologne or perfume but guess what? In an enclosed environment the scent may be even exaggerated. This doesn’t even broach the subject of body odor. We’ll leave it at that for now. Next…

4. Talking excessively. And we don’t mean collaborating with someone regarding the next segment you’re producing or product placement in PR. Monday morning water cooler buzz may get to be a bit too much when you’re no longer in the lounge and the story about your weekend escapades lasts beyond oh, let’s say 20 minutes. If you’re telling a story and colleagues look disinterested and stop making eye contact, you should simply stop talking and get back to work.

5.  Invading others’ personal space.  Considering most offices aren’t exactly spacious, your cubicle is essentially your home away from home. When things move around such as noticing your picture frames are in a different place than the previous night when you left, it could feel a bit violating. You may notice even the smallest things like a missing stapler.

When space invaders borrow different things without asking or even returning them, it’s an invasion of your personal space. So, what can you do about it? When you’re the person borrowing just be sure to ask and follow the rules of working nicely with others — simply be considerate and cognizant that you’re sharing the work space.