Fishbowl’s Finest: Shashank Bengali



Perhaps we’ve saved best for last in McLatchy’s Shashank Bengali, our final beauty in Fishbowl’s Finest for the week. The exotic-looking Bengali has a single beauty tip: “Moving to DC!” he jokes. “I feel most attractive when it’s not 100 degrees.”

Bengali grew up in Cerritos, Calif., a suburb of L.A. His parents were both born in India. His first name translates to “part of the moon.”

He’s a worldly guy. He was McClatchy’s correspondent in sub-Saharan Africa from 2005-2009, and moved from Nairobi, Kenya to Washington in January.

He was “very embarrassed” about being on this list, but graciously agreed to answer our questions. Asked to name his favorite and least favorite features (on himself) Bengali writes the following: “Steven Strasburg’s arm and Jon Stewart’s goatee.” His celebrity crush is Top Chef Judge and food critic Padma Lakshmi. Other random details: He’s 5’7″, approximately 140 pounds (he suspects) – and single.