Fishbowl’s Finest: Kaylee Hartung



It’s the final day of Fishbowl’s Finest…we know, you’re devastated. But don’t worry, we have plenty more lametastic lists and fishy features up our sleeve. Until then, we give you the last day’s picks and we think you’ll agree, Kaylee Hartung is really, really ridiculously good looking. At 5’2″ this pint-sized beauty is the shortest of our bunch – but really, doesn’t that make her good looks all the more potent?

As Bob Schieffer’s right hand woman and a CBS News/CBS College Sports reporter, we figured Kaylee has probably bumped into her fair share of celebrities so we asked about her celeb crush. She replied, “Ask Bob, he’s embarrassed me in front of both of them.”

Hartung tells us if she had a beauty secret, she wouldn’t share it but her advice for a pulled-together appearance is to “find a hair stylist and a tailor you trust and heels you can walk, run and dance in.” Her favorite feature? “A year round tan.” Least favorite? “I’m 5’2″.”

Oh, and men of Washington rejoice – Kaylee is single!

Video of Hartung in action on last week’s Washington Unplugged with Bob Schieffer after the jump.