Fishbowl’s Finest: Kara Rowland



Next up on Fishbowl’s Finest, our list of 10 summer beauties, is TWT’s White House reporter Kara Rowland. Her beauty tip or secret: Exercise instructor Tony Horton. (She explains, “I’m a P90X convert.” For the uninitiated, Power 90 Extreme is a home fitness boot camp style fitness program that relies on muscle confusion.)

When does Rowland feel most attractive? Simple. “I feel most attractive when I’m not in DC,” she says.

Her favorite physical feature on herself is “a really cool scar on my left calf.” Her least favorite? Naturally, her appendix. Her celeb crush is “True Blood’s” Alexander Skarsgard who plays Eric Northman (the creepy but hot blond vampire sheriff dude).
Her height: 5’8. Her weight: Less on the moon.

Rowland has no modeling experience per say, but cites her cat’s inevitable (at some point it’s gotta happen) modeling experience: “I own a very handsome – indeed regal – tuxedo cat who would make a fabulous spokespet for Fancy Feast,” she says.

Noteworthy detail, gentleman: she’s single.