Fishbowl’s Finest: Dan Zak



If he weren’t such a fine writer, we’d demand this journalist stop hiding behind a newspaper. Known simply as “Handsome Dan” by friends and co-workers, it’s no surprise that WaPo‘s Dan Zak made our list of Washington’s most beautiful journalists. A feature writer for the Style section, Zak has worked for The Post since graduating from American University in 2005. A few of his stories:

Souls on Ice

Appleseed Project teaches marksmanship and history, hopes to improve the country

The last of Leeville: Chances grow slim for a wide spot in the road in La.

When this dreamy Buffalo-bred scribe isn’t perfecting his craft, he’s likely traveling the world or planning his next Oktoberfest and holiday house party.

Because we’d hate him if he weren’t so damn nice, “Handsome Dan” Zak is one of Fishbowl’s Finest 2010.

For true Danatics, “Tuxedo Dan” and “Sporty Dan” after the jump.