FishbowlNY Goes Mile-High

las-vegas.jpgEver commit to doing something you think is a great idea after spending, say, four days in your apartment during a record-breaking heat-wave with no air-conditioning only to wake up and wonder if maybe it was the best decision. Or maybe you’ve sometimes wished you could re-live certain aspects of your college life except this time around instead of piling into the back of a station wagon someone has chartered a jet.

Anyway, this goes by way of saying that one half of FishbowlNY is about to board a plane, courtesy of Thrillist (the hotel is on them, too) and go to Las Vegas for 36 hours. Yeah, we’re not exactly sure why, either, or who’s coming even. But you can be sure whatever happens in Vegas will find its way to this space. Also, twitter. Viva, etc.