FishbowlLA presents: Lunch at Michael’s, or not at Michael’s, but still ‘at Michael’s’ in a conceptual sense

My spunkier, more popular sister in New York runs a regular ‘Lunch at Michael’s’ feature about all the bold-face dining that goes on at the most media-centric restaurant in the world. In the hopes of launching our own ‘Lunch at Michael’s’ franchise, several FishbowlLA operatives descended upon the Santa Monica branch of Michael’s on Friday.

What did we find? Nothing. The closest thing to a media sighting was an issue of Venice in the ladies’ room. We did chat with the titular Michael himself, owner Michael McCarty, when he came by our table in his shag-haircutted glory. Michael admitted that the Santa Monica Michael’s wasn’t as Michael’s-y as the Manhattan Michael’s, and mostly gets a weekend crowd.

But ‘Michael’s’ is as much of a state of mind as it is a restaurant. (Which explains the small portions.) And media people in Los Angeles do eat lunch. The question is: where? That’s where you come in. Send your lunch sightings to us here.

We’ll start off with a fresh sighting from an hour or two ago: Kit Rachlis and David Ulin at Campanile.