FishbowlLA Goes to Sundance

MB instructor and photographer Caren Alpert took a trip to the Sundance Film Festival. We asked her to pick us up some swag from the Ugg store, but apparently they don’t make the fur-coated heels we wanted in size 14. But she did take some lovely photos!

Laura Franklin, director of PR for Kiehl‘s, at a dogsledding/snowshoeing excursion. I guess she couldn’t get into any actual parties.

Bill Rancic (left) from NBC’s The Apprentice and Olympian Picabo Street (right) at Kiehl’s Ski Challenge to support her non-profit organization that helps sexually abused children. Nice to see that Rancic isn’t afraid of body contact like his boss Donald.

Interior Designer to the stars Barclay Butera inside his custom-designer Airstream trailer. Butera’s “pad” was used as a VIP lounge in Park City. A leopard-fur toilet– me likey!

More photos, without our immature commentary