FishbowlDC Readers Are Psychic!

Ok, so maybe you are not psychic, but you did accurately predict that Dana Perino would be the next White House press secretary. Tony Snow announced Friday that he would be leaving his post September 14.

From The New York Times:

    “This job has really been a dream for me, and a blast,” Mr. Snow said. “What are my plans? A little vague at this point. I know I’ll be giving some speeches. I could try to work up some book proposals, probably first and foremost on issues of how you deal with sickness.”

Washington Post’s Michael Abramowitz says that Perino, “is well liked by many of the reporters covering the president but has little of her predecessor’s star power or on-camera experience.”

Snow insists his decision has nothing to do with his health. And after admitting to the nation that he is broke, we tend to believe him.

From NBC’s First Read:

    “I ran outta money,” Snow said. “There’s a lot of people sitting there at home saying, ‘Well whaddya mean, you make all this money.’ Well I made more money in my previous career.”

    Snow, who was a conservative pundit on Fox Radio and television, said he had promised his family that he would not dip into its savings. He added that he had taken out a loan “when I came to the White House, and that loan is now gone,” Snow said. … Snow said he plans to go on the speaking circuit and then write books — first on battling cancer then likely on politics.

    “What will be your lecture fee?” one reporter asked.

    “More than you can afford,” Snow replied.

Stay Classy Tony. Stay Classy.