Fishbowl LA’s Best Catches of 2006


FBLA is grateful to our readers–you’ve been through a lot this year, and we appreciate your sticking around.

Top Posts of the Year:

Joy Behar Likens Rumsfeld to Hitler, No One Asks Her How She Knows
All hail the power of Drudge.

Ken Mok Mocks Up More Public Embarrassment of Women
Bad puns = good hits.

KFI’s Bill Handel and Star 98.7 Jamie White In-Studio Screaming Match
It’s all about the children.

Hollywood Reporter Fires Five–Just in Time for the Holidays
Misery loves company.

Rachael Ray, Huge Hit with Kids. Who Knew?
Do you know where your children are? Do you care?

And now for the hard stuff.

FBLA is slightly dismayed at the number of readers who end up here, searching for Britney–not surprised, but a little chagrined.

We’re thrilled to welcome those who searched for raccoons terrorizing pets in la. It’s our favorite post.

And for you complete freaks who arrived here via this search–we don’t care how you did it! Leave now. And don’t come back!