Fishbowl Brooklyn: The L Magazine Celebrates 50 Beautiful, Bountiful Brooklyn Blocks

The L Magazine, in its ongoing and successful mission to make me feel smug about the borough I call home, has put together a list of the best 50 blocks in the area for all sorts of activities, from getting groceries (that’d be Atlantic Ave. between Court and Clinton Streets in Cobble Hill) or scoping prostitutes (a time-honored Brooklyn past-time):

10.Best Block For Vice
North 4th Street between Bedford and Driggs Aves, Williamsburg
Ok, Williamsburg is clean and shiny now, but every now and then you can still spot a hooker at the corner of Driggs and N. 4th, where they used to work by the half dozen, waiting for truckers coming off the BQE heading down to the river to park. Oh, and there’s also a tattoo parlor, two bars and cheese shop (gluttony!).

Cheese and sleaze, y’all. I love Brooklyn. Check out the full list here, and if you see a pajama-clad, bleary-eyed young woman with carpal tunnel syndrome in need of having her highlights redone hanging out around spot #24, do wave hello.