Fish Food: MoDowd, Hastreiter And Is VH1 Still Rock-n-Roll?


Delectable bits from around the web:

— If Old Media paleosaurs — and we mean that in the best possible way — like Don Imus and Maureen Dowd are getting all ”2.0,” not unlike the younger generation, then the future will probably not be ink-stained. I-Man and MoDowd had the following exchange today on the Imus in the Morning show:

Don Imus: I read your column online … you know, I almost always read the paper online now.

Maureen Dowd: I’m gradually switching too, but I like to take the paper to the coffee shop.

A compelling recommendation for the continuance of the expense of print papers from a journalist, no?

Fashionweekdaily is reporting that Kim Hastreiter, the co-founder and editor of Paper magazine, is working on one of two upcoming CFDA books. Another CFDA book will be written by the Executive Fashion Director of STYLE.COM, Candy Pratts Price. From Fashionweekdaily: ”During the (CFDA) announcements, it was revealed that Eugenia Sheppard award winner Candy Pratts Price will curate a new CFDA book with a working title of American Fashion Accessories, an extension of the first Assouline-published book, American Fashion, and due out this holiday season. It’s the second of two books coming out this fall for the organization, in fact. ‘There’s also one on Geoffrey Beene that Paper editor Kim Hastreiter has been working on,’ said CFDA executive director Steven Kolb. ‘A scrapbook of memorabilia.”’

— Will VH1 air Billy Joel’s eloquent speech inducting John Cougar Mellencamp into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Joel took VH1 to task for their sometimes, ah, dubious programming choices in his heartfelt remarks at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Robin Quivers, reacting to the speech on The Howard Stern Show yesterday called it ”a real rock and roll speech.” VH1 airs an edited version of the ceremony on March 22. Will Billy Joel’s sharp comments make it into the edited broadcast? We’ll see …