Fish Food: Hirschorn, DPC, And Baird Jones Lives Edition


Delectable bits from around the web:

— Whatever happened to Michael Hirschorn? Last we heard he managed to extricate himself from the decidedly downmarket VH1 and create his own television production company. We thought, wow, the next time we heard the name Hirschorn he’d be working on, like, an indie documentary on Vladimir Nabokov or some such intellectual passion project. No such luck. From TheHollywoodReporter: ”MTV said Thursday that it has greenlighted a new reality competition series with the working title ‘Paris Hilton’s My New BFF’ following recent speculation that it was eyeing the project. MTV is producing with Ish Entertainment, former VH1 executive vp programming Michael Hirschorn’s new banner; it marks the first series to come out of Ish’s first-look deal with MTV Networks Music Group.”

— Our favorite social chronicler, David Patrick Columbia, writes in NYSocialDiary: ”Inquiring minds … wanted to know if those girls on BRAVO, now known as ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ are real socialites. Socialites, yes maybe; Society, no. But then, it could be argued successfully that there is no Society anymore. Socialites go out at night. Society stays home.” More here.

— Friend to gossip columnists everywhere Baird Jones, the king of the quirky celebrity quote, passed away recently. But there was some controversy as to whether or not Baird would have wanted to be feted at The Plumm. Anyway, there’s another party in his honor at Webster Hall, the club that was so good to him in life. From La Dolce Musto: ”After party promoter, art curator, and all-around nerd Baird Jones recently transitioned, there was a quickly organized memorial event at the Plumm, but some people were either banned or went there and felt there needed to be yet more hoopla. So Baird is getting another event. The memorial will be at Webster Hal, which Baird tirelessly promoted for, this Thursday, March 20th. As the club’s owner says, ‘Numerous artists and performers who knew Baird will be presenting their own tributes. An open-bar reception, open to the public, will take place from 7-9pm followed by an after-party from 9-11pm.”’