Fish Food: Fran, The Times and Harry Edition


Delectable bits from around the web:

Fran Liebowitz, a writer who doesn’t appear to have written anything in the past decade, will emcee the Council of Fashion Designers of America gala on June 2nd, according to Fashionweekdaily. Also at the swishy event New York’s mogul-Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg will receive the Board of Director’s Special Tribute and’s Candy Pratts Price will receive the Eugenia Sheppard Award.

— How does the Times monetize their ability to deliver astonishing scoops? New York Times Company CEO Janet Robinson attended the Bear Sterns Media Conference and talked about the Spitzer story and the Times’s bottom line. From Market Watch: ”CEO Janet Robinson, speaking during a discussion at Bear Stearns’ annual media conference in Palm Beach, Fla., said that circulation isn’t down significantly over the past year but that the newspaper has seen ‘some migration to the Internet,’ where readership ‘continues to grow very nicely.’

”She said that when the New York Times broke the story Monday about New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s involvement in a prostitution ring, traffic at jumped 60% at 2 p.m. Eastern.

”’When you can monetize growth like that … that is good for shareholder value,’ Robinson said.”

New Idea, the Australian magazine that revealed the location of Prince Harry in Afghanistan apologized for their zeal: ”We regret this serious lapse of judgment. We sincerely apologise to all our readers, to the servicemen whose lives are at constant risk while serving at home and abroad, and to their families and loved ones.”

(image via culturehack)