First Application Crosses 10 Million Users

Top Friends, one of the staples of a successful application, crossed 10 million users within the past couple hours. The application, which was produced by Slide Inc., is growing at around 1% per day. There are a number of people that have contacted me asking me “How can we launch an application that’s as popular as iLike or Top Friends.” My response? Chances are you can’t! I think this is more of a realist’s perspective. Over 50% of applications currently have less than 750 users. That’s a pretty large figure when people are expecting hundreds of thousands or millions of users. I also have a feeling that the number of applications with less than 1000 users will grow drastically over the coming months. I’ve already mentioned that effective marketing techniques need to be used in order to have a successful application. The viral impact of Facebook only comes into play once you have reached a critical base and have a valuable application. I don’t want to suggest that the viral nature of Facebook applications does’t exist, I simply am suggesting that there needs to be an effective seeding strategy if you are going to have any hope of success. Congratulations to the Slide Inc. team though! They are truly the envy of many in the internet industry.