Finke vs. Seipp, Round 482

So the Sunday before last, the New York Post Opinion section ran a review by Cathy Seipp of James Hirsen’s goddamn-liberals-control-everything tome ‘Hollywood Nation: Left Coast Lies, Old Media Spin and the New Media Revolution.’ In the review, Seipp expressed her opinion that Nikki Finke (who is mentioned briefly in the book) is “nuts.” I’m sure this characterization was a purely journalistic call on Seipp’s part and had nothing to do with Finke and Seipp’s history of acrimonious relations.

Anyway, upon reading this allegedly libelous statement, Finke asked the Post to take the article out of their online archives. Which it did. Although it should be noted that the Post generally expunges non-local freelance material from their archive within a week or so anyway.

In what I’m sure was a gloat-free gesture, Finke then emailed Seipp to notify her of the piece’s removal. To which Seipp replied “Oh no!” So there you have it.

Meanwhile, in her LA Weekly column, Finke looks at the Katrina TV coverage, none of which I saw because I was in Maine without a television set. But I believe everything she says! Oh, and just so I’m not accused of playing favorites, here’s Seipp’s latest National Review Online column. I agree with her too!