Fineman: Even Cooler Than You Thought

After we reported how incredibly hip Howard Fineman is, we learned this: He’s even cooler!

Turns out Fineman was at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert on Thursday night. What did he think of the California rock band?

“Ant or whatever his name is doesn’t do it for me as a lead singer, but the guys can really play,” Fineman tells us. “The bass player is a complete genius. A terrific three-instrument band. Not Cream but very good. I bet they can play excellent straight-ahead Beale Street blues.”

Of course, before you all start buying Fineman volume 23 in the “Now That’s What I Call Music!” series (or before you remind Fineman that the Chili Peppers lead singer’s name is Anthony Kiedis, and not “Ant,” and that the bass player’s name is “Flea”…”), we should note: He was only there (with his wife) to escort his 15-year-old son and his friend.