Finding Sunshine Among the New Media Clouds

sunshine082808.jpgAs the media industry slowly dies around us, we’ll happily overplay any positive story to make us feel even marginally better about our chosen career. As such, we’re pleased to report that the Web site of U.S. News & World Report had a record day with over 15 million page views last week after the publication of its annual college rankings survey. All this despite the fact that fewer and fewer colleges want to participate.

Additionally, bolstered by the Olympics, Runner’s World‘s site posted its best page view week ever with 5.14 million.

Of course, such gains only lead to success if you can monetize it. While traffic to the running mag’s site is up 68 percent over last year, revenue is only up 23 percent. Then again, if even The New York Times is struggling to make money, what hope do the rest of us have? We’ll deal with that later.