Find Out How Beautiful You Are on Facebook

Some people say that beauty in on the inside. The people over at nip/tuck believe that beauty comes in the number 1.618. While I’m not so sure about the accuracy of this number, nip/tuck has built an application which tests to see if you face comes close to the golden ratios. The application lets you select a photo from your albums and test out your beauty.

I didn’t have a proper portrait to test but I’m sure it would have come out a perfect 1.618 😉 This application could be pretty controversial and as such I would have imagined it to gain some more substantial traction but so far the application has reached less than 3,000 people. The application also had a problem with zooming in to my my photo large enough. I’m not surprised that this application wasn’t successful because it has absolutely no social feature whatsoever.

It just goes to show that no matter what your brand is, it doesn’t mean your application will be successful. I think that they could have potentially made this application into some sort of beauty contest and offered rewards of some sort but all they really ended up producing was an ineffective flash application. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to gain much value out of using this application and I don’t think other users were able to either. If you want to have a shot at it and see if you can extract some sort of value from the application, go install the nip/tuck golden ratio application.