Find Multiplayer iPad Games for the Summer

You probably know that there are a lot of head-to-head multiplayer games for the iPad. But, which ones are they? Apple provides an easy way for you to find real-time multiplayer games in the iTunes Store.

Multiplayer iPad Games

Multi-player games are divited into two types: Online and Local. Apple features 23 Online multi-player games such as Real Racing 2 HD, Neuroshima Hex and Words With Friends HD. There are 30 multi-player games in the Local category including RISK, NBA JAM and TowerMadness HD.

With summer rolling towards us, it is good time to stock up on these multi-player games. And, yes, there are a couple of free games in these categories

– Pocket Frogs
– We Doodle for iPad

– Atari’s Greatest Hits
– Omium